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Living in the country which is obsessed with Bollywood and Cricket, being different is difficult.

Remember your childhood, how difficult it was to find a fellow football fan who covers entire Europe, how difficult it was to collect comic books? Most importantly how problematic it was if you really understand Professional Wrestling and how it works but your friends mock you because you like “Heel”? Or when you watching a classic wrestling match produced by NJPW and your peers say “WWE is fake dude”.

Yeah, we all have been through it. But now everything has changed. Football is even available in regional languages, everyone knows all the Marvel Characters, we are no longer special, Now the world has changed, being the nerd is “cool”, but we didn’t change, we didn’t have to.

FanWarfare, here fans will engage with their heated opinions, everyone can be a critic and why shouldn’t they be? It is a platform like no other where you can express without any hindrance. We’ll be bringing in latest news, reports, speculations, and trivia from the Universe of Pro Wrestling, Football, Comic Books and Gaming and much more.

This is a team, managed by everyday MBAs, Engineers and Bankers like you who want to express their thoughts and feelings out into the world and see it admire by everyone in the world.

People love to be entertained and people love to entertain. You just gotta choose which group you are in. If you are in the latter, don’t hesitate to send us your articles, views, and thoughts to us.

Fan Creators:

Jit Chowdhury: Co-Founder of FanWarfare; Chief Editor-ProWrestling

A lifelong pro-wrestling fan, who worked with various pro-wrestling news websites as a content writer, administrates related facebook pages. He follows WWE, IMPACT Wrestling, NJPW, ROH on a regular basis. He also follows Cricket, Football and MMA. He is a supporter of Manchester United. He takes a keen interest in DC/Marvel Comic Books and related movies and TV Shows. He loves to watch good movies, TV Shows around the globe and takes a fascination with the genre of  Crime Drama. He writes poetries and short stories, an active blogger who loves to express his mind. Academically he is an MBA from “IISWBM, University of Calcutta” and currently working with a major IT Consultancy firm.

Agnibha Mukhopadhyay: Co-Founder of FanWarfare; Chief Editor-Movies & TV

A rare combination of technical brilliance and taste in good movies and television shows. Agnibha is a movie buff and covers legendary movies around the world. He also enjoys comic book movies and TV Shows. A long-term fan of WWE and in football he is a supporter of F.C. Barcelona. Agnibha is kind of a wizard winning the prediction contests. Academically he is an engineering graduate of the Nirma University and currently working with a major IT Consultancy firm. He loves coding, mathematics and solving problems.

Soumajit Roy: Co-Founder of FanWarfare; Chief Editor-Football

A die-hard Manchester United fan and extremely passionate about Football. It does not matter when he comes back from office or when he was to wake up, he covers almost all the major matches around Europe and all of UEFA Champions League. He is also a fan of ‘DC/Marvel Comics and related media’ and Pro-Wrestling. He is an amazing painter and a creative writer. Academically He’s an engineering graduate from the West Bengal University of Technology and working with an International IT Consultancy firm. 


Let the FanWarfare begin…….

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