American Vandal Season 2 Review

Premiere Date: 14 September 2018
No. of Episodes: 8
Average Runtime: 30 Minutes
Genres: Comedy-drama, Mockumentary
Network: Netflix
Language: English
FanRating: 8.0/10

An anonymous person named as the Turd Burglar starts terrorizing students of St. Bernardine by mixing laxatives in the canteen lemonade which made the students defecate themselves anywhere possible.With no indication of stopping, frequent attacks of poop one after the other makes our two guys go searching for another possible American Vandal.


A Fan’s Take
American Vandal came in with it’s Season 1 very quietly and took the digital world TV Series by storm as they reinvented the concept of mockumentary and took the vandalism concept to another level. Personally, i felt it was one of the best last year.
In this season, Our brave investigators, Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund go to Bellevue, Washington to look for the Turd Burglar. The first view of students shitting their pants and sitting to take a dump wherever they can, be it in their locker, on a dustbin or inside their bag is a horrific scene and that’s how this season starts.
Gradually more stories about the vandal attacks on the students unfold and the two investigators try to unravel the mystery behind the shit stained suspense.
This season also follows the same path as the first season except, in the middle of it, things started to become too monotonous. All the suspense to be revealed are kept for the later half of the second last episode and the last episode. In my opinion, they didn’t take too much time to settle down with the story but they stretched the first part of it a tad bit long which became a bore at times.
The last two episodes jumped back on the brandwagon in the right direction but it felt like an array of bullets being fired on the viewer with respect to the information regarding the unraveling which could have been spaced out in a better fashion.
Nonetheless the episodes are gripping and they tie your mind in a knot if you start to decipher who is the actual culprit. A thought provoking script and another fantastic case of vandalism makes this season a success too.
Looking forward to their third take….

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