WWE RAW 18/06: Questions we would like the Answers to

1. Is Ronda Rousey the next Stone Cold Steve Austin for WWE?

2. How long is Ziggler going to remain the Intercontinental Champion?

3. What’s next for Monday Night Rollins? Universal title,maybe?

4. Will Curt Hawkings ever get a win under his pants?

5. Can Kevin Owens befriend Brawn Strowman?

6. Will Bo Dallas do a better job of being Bray Wyatt than the Deleter of Worlds himself?

7. Will Jinder Mahal get a win over anybody except Chad Gable?

8. Shouldn’t Banks and Bayley put a full stop and give a conclusion their friendship?

9. How come Roman Reigns was the only one who was actually camera ready whereas all the Lashleys and Revivals stuttered their way through the segment?

10. Whose spear is better: Lashley or Reigns?

11. Is “Stay Focused” going to sell more t-shirts than “Stay Hype”?

12. Is it time for Elias to bring out an album considering the plethora of songs he has composed and performed already?

13. Which Baron Corbin is better – Long hair and grawly or Bald and suited up?


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  1. 1. I guess not! It was just a way to get her off TV for a month.
    2. Not a long run, but I think something bigger is waiting for this duo.
    3. Yes! He is ready, his main event push was long overdue.
    4. Yes! He will, he will score an upset on a big name.
    5. Oh! Hell no!
    6. Brothers Keepers
    7. Why not? Where is Curt Hawkins…
    8. Enough already, now kick each others ass.
    9. Practice makes a man perfect.
    10. Lashley of course, Reigns just hugs the chest.
    11. They are no Ziggler or I should say Rusev.
    12. Wait? He doesn’t have an album yet?
    13. Constable Corbin will lock you up for asking this.

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