Match 4: Portugal 3-3 Spain

Ronaldo’s single handed brilliance, Portugal’s brittle defence and Deigo Costa’s perfect finishes sums up the first match of this World Cup between two of the biggest heavyweights. The scoreline read 3-3 at the end but Spain should take moral victory as they performed much better with glimpses of the World Cup winning team of 2010.

The first four minutes of the match gave Portugal the early lead as Ronaldo slotted in a penalty with ease as his country went 1-0 ahead very early.

The first 21 minutes was all Portugal with them starting multiple counter attacks but missing out on the finish. But at the brink of 24 minutes came a breather for Spain as Diego Costa caught a long cross brilliantly and dribbled his way past three defenders in a wonderful show of skill and maturity to give the Spain equaliser. Scoreline read Portugal 1-1 Spain.

The game went back and forth with Isco driving the ball right into the post and the ball deflecting to the ground kissing the goal line. Referee’s watch shows No Goal as he indicates the same to Isco.

But who can keep Ronaldo out of the game. He came back into the game with a brilliant goal and some casual keeping by De Gea helped his cause which cost his nets to flutter behind him.

At half time, the scoreline read Portugal 2-1 Spain.

The second half started rather tamely but a full outstretched leg by the forever ready Costa and a brilliant swinging leg kick by Nacho at the 58th minute saw the ball hitting the post and deflecting into the goal. A rather brilliant strike with the ball snaking around the pores between the Portuguese defence.

Ronaldo again came to the rescue with a brilliantly taken free kick and the ball rocketing into the top right corner of the goalpost with De Gea a mere spectator.


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