CM Punk’s UFC dream crashes…Yet Again!!!

Having a heart to fight and actual fighting are two very different things. More so in the tough world of MMA. CM Punk got his second chance to fight inside the octagon and squandered it by a big margin as he lost to Mike Jackson by a unanimous 30-26 decision by all the three judges.

CM Punk vs Mike Jackson on UFC 225 got into many controversies over the past few weeks with UFC boss Dana White coming out to defend his strategy of keeping the fight in this main PPV and pushing Alistair Overeem to the preliminary show.

Die hard fans of UFC also ranted on Twitter when CM Punk made it to the promotional poster of the event but former champions like Holly Holm were not even in it.

A Fan’s Take

In the very first round the fight started, CM Punk looked wobbly. He was tired within the first four minutes of the fight and had a big bloody nose to deal with other than the fact that his legs were giving away.

His opponent, Mike “The Truth” Jackson also shared his record of losing his first game and was the easiest opponent Punk could have hoped for at the forefront of his MMA career.

The second round mostly sped through with Punk lying in his back and taking a beatdown from Jackson who didn’t seem to be interested in beating the holy hell out of Punk and was looking at something else. (What!!!!????)

The most frustrating thing about the match was Jackson not going for the kill and stretching the match to more than its limit. At one point, UFC commentator Joe Rogan jokingly theorized that someone had paid Mike Jackson not to finish CM Punk and instead allow him to go all three rounds which I am sure exactly what everybody watching the fight thought.

Nobody can deny the fact that Punk showed a lot of heart in this match. Even more so after he won a court case against his former employers, WWE. But UFC and MMA has no kindness for the “heart” people. Talent, skill and expertise in the mixed martial arts is required to get even a winning notch under the belt and that’s what Punk learned the hard way. With a whole crowd chanting his name and boo-ing the hell out of Jackson, Punk couldn’t do much to everyone’s agony present in the arena.

The only question remains, What’s next for CM Punk?


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