Den of Thieves: Movie Review

Movie Release: 19 January 2018 (USA)
Director: Christian Gudegast
Budget: 3 crores USD
Language: English

Cast: Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr.

FanPower Rating: 7/10

Nick O’Brien runs the Major Crimes department of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and is facing problems both in his professional and personal life. Ray Merrimen, a gang leader of ex-convicts who weasel and evade the law, plans to rob the Federal Bank but will he succeed with O’Brien hot behind him.

A Fan’s Take

First things first, if you have watched the trailer before watching the movie, don’t be mislead. Its not a wham-bam hight octane action thriller movie all the way as the trailer would suggest. Rather it’s a long drawn (very much so with it’s long runtime) twisted story which had the right plans but couldn’t come a full circle to execute them as the director would have wanted to.

Secondly, if you are a Gerard Butler fan, which I am too, go watch the movie. Its Mr. Butler all the way. Saying that, there are also equal and important contributions from O’Shea Jackson Jr., Pablo Schreiber and 50 cent. Slight aggressive acting at times, the cast put in their best efforts while letting the machine gun run wild through the streets of LA.

Writer-Director Christian Gudegast had his plates full and then some with getting the story pitch perfect (which he didn’t), managing a heavy cast and directing a not-so-straight action thriller. It seemed like he was in two minds whether to make it a full jam packed action thriller or to make it a smart, intelligently coiled thriller with adequate action.

My guess, he put both of the ideas in a pressure cooker and gave us the output to watch which on top of many other things is really, and I mean really long.

Tight story writing would have done wonders for this movie because it had the right idea, the right direction, the right twists and turns but unfortunately it came out more of a cropper than a popper.

Personally, I liked the movie though I won’t sit and watch it again. The ending is good and has a twist all thriller fanatics would like but like the whole movie, it also feels a bit incomplete. A sequel is in works where it would continue the story further. I would definitely watch that. I just hope this time they come better prepared.


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