Dramatical Champions League final

While making a movie, the director looks for elements which will capture the audience and last night’s football gala before the greatest show on earth had every elements like that. To sum up this year’s Champions League final, it will be a much memorable one in the long history of the game where it comprised of everything right from injuries, tears, offside, blunders, stunner, intruder, and of course winning and making records.

So, before the match started I thought both the teams Liverpool and Real Madrid have absolutely wonderful power in the forward line and also both of them are weak in their defences for which both the teams have suffered in their respective leagues this season, although they have done very well in Champions League.

Post the wonderful opening ceremony and performance from Lua Dipa, the match started with a promising way and Liverpool were dominant right from the start of the game, although Real Madrid were trying to push the ball to the other side. The first few minutes, it was all Liverpool and then started the twist in the tale where Mo Sallah and Sergio Ramos jostled with one another in order to gain the possession of the ball in which Sallah’s arm got entangled with Ramos’s body and they both went down which lead him to a lot of discomfort and the Egyptian king left the pitch at the stroke of half an hour from the pitch with tears falling from his eyes. Adam Lallana was substituted by Klopp for the Liverpool cum Egyptian talisman.

Few minutes later, another injury but this time in the camp who were wearing white kitted jerseys. Danny Carvajal got injured and also left the pitch with tears as he was replaced by Nacho Fernandez. With that the first half ended with 0-0 where Liverpool have softened their dominance and the defending champions started to gain their hold in the match.

Now once the second half kick started, a nightmare happened from the hands of the Liverpool goalkeeper Karius as he gifted or rather placed the ball which can termed appropriately as a villainous act, in front of the feet to Benzema who just tapped it past back into the net and opened the scoreline.

Now Liverpool showed a spark once again Madrid was struck by a guided header of Dejan Lovren which was blasted into the net by Sadio Mane.

Suddenly the match was poised for a great conclusion as the teams were back to parity. But Real Madrid were still dominating the match and a shot from Isco came back after hitting the woodwork. Just at this moment, the man on the sideline Zinedine Zidane introduced in the Welshman Gareth Bale by swapping him with Isco. Reals then had added pace in their attack as during the entire match Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t had an impact on the match.

Straightaway Bale was creating troubles in the Liverpool’s defence and a cross provided by Marcelo from the left flank saw one of the greatest goals ever scored in a Champions League final by the Welshman who scored an overhead bicycle kick which was a orgasmic moment for amost any football fanatic.

Madrid were leading once again 2-1, but again like a wounded tiger Liverpool were having a go at the Real Madrid half and it was Sadio Mane who once again struck a shot which only hit the post and crept out. More tears were waiting for Liverpool fans and especially for their goalkeeper Karius as a shot by Gareth Bale from 25 yards out straight at Karius got slipped from his hands and the scoreline showed 3-1.

The match was over and at the very end when Ronaldo was dribbling and making his way towards the goal, out of nowhere an intruder came into the pitch who was captured by the stewards but caused the match to stop and that was that. The referee blew the whistle and it was a record breaking 3 time straight Champions League win for the Real Madrid. A 13 time champion of this famous European cup and glory. Real Madrid etched themselves on the cup by achieving this phenomenal feat also by winning their last 9 cup finals.

Tears broke down for Liverpool fans and Karius with tears filled eyes and folded hands went to the end where Liverpool fans were residing for this match. A cursed night for him indeed whereas on the other hand once upon a time record signing Gareth Bale had the greatest night by scoring two great match winning goals and once again brought the thoughts into Madrid’s Zidane and their president Florentino Perez’s mind of whether they will leave the Welsh talisman in the summer transfer window next season.


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