Weekly Wrestling Warfare


  1. Superstar Shake-Up Updates


Because I am lazy and I won’t type again, So you do the kliq-ing.


2. Jeff Hardy is Grand Slam Champion again, as he defeated Jinder Mahal to capture the US Championship.


3. The Miz is going to SmackDown Live and he is going alone but look at the bright side we get KAMI on RAW. But apparently Kurt Angle doesn’t know that because he is just the GM and Stephanie is the real boss. BOSS!!


4. Titus Worldwide tries to recruit the Zig-Zag Maker but they got the beatdown of a lifetime from him and the returning Drew McIntyre.


5. Reigns and Joe are at each other’s throat again, metaphorically, and repeated their showcase from last week with a touch here and a go there.

024_SD_04172018cm_0341--e82712d86bd2cdbdbdd86f9b6ce0b1c9 (1).jpg

6.  Orton answer’s Benjamin’s call but Jeff is here with his new championship and Orton is looking like a forever alone meme.


7. Nakamura shows his love and shows his endless obsession for Styles’ lower abdomen.


8. Big Cass is getting a Big push over Daniel Bryan with a Big Boot right to his face.


9. The full match from WrestleCon between Aries vs Pentagon Jr. vs Fenix was telecasted  on Impact Wrestling because you will be watching the very same match after three days by paying for it at Redemption. Smart Business, isn’t it?


10. It’s time for Mellabration in SmackDown Live.


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