Lost in Space S01E01 : Impact Review

This is a spoiler free review of premiere of the new Netflix series.

Netflix’s ambitious new project, Lost in Space, a rework of the 1965 series of the same name, is out and the creators didn’t leave an inch for the viewers to imagine anything by themselves with a high production value.

Lost in Space is about a family of space colonists who qualified for a space program which would send them to different parts of the universe to find a suitable alternate abode for the humans.

When a celestial star comes crashing down to Earth and threatens humans survival, they launch a interstellar spacecraft which would take selected families up into space with each having different space pods assigned to them.

Due to an attack by an alien kind, everybody aboard had to leave in an emergency evacuation aboard their respective short range Jupiter spacecraft.

The Robinson family, the subject of our story crash landed on an unknown planet and were in a deep sea of trouble right from the start. They look to survive the harsh and treacherous conditions of the unknown planet and search for other survivors.

Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson is a fearless and brilliant aerospace engineer. Her husband, Toby Stephens as John Robinson is a pilot, former U.S. Marine. They are survived with their three children.

A Fan’s Take

The first episode of the series left many questions unanswered which would be answered in the upcoming episodes. The Alien attack, the harsh planetary conditions and the three new characters introduced in the later part of the episode.

The sceneries are breathtaking and the creators have made the most of the production value and utilised every inch of it.

Questions, intriguing and interesting questions were raised, a clarity of the background story would certainly raise the bar of the series.

But the absence of a strong villain presence, atleast till now, has been the weak point of this episode. Even though we can hazard a guess about the potential villain but it’s character has been rather positive till now. Looking forward to see if the villain problem gets solved in the upcoming 9 more episodes.


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