Suits S07E13 : Inevitable Review

This is a spoiler filled review of the episode. Please don’t read it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Harvey has got an impossible task to accomplish. Mike doesn’t wanna get locked in and Louis has got a gun.

One of the most emotionally charged up episode of this long journey of Suits, presently in it’s seventh season. The first half was filled with comedy inputs involving Louis Litt and Gretchen.

The dialogues were as usual sharp with Gretchen commenting on Louis having an affair with Sheila. You dipping your pudding pop in somebody else’s candy cane. Louis Jr.’s having himself a slumber party. Johny-ready-to-go’s snazzing around the neighbourhood.

Harvey has a case from his old client about saving his company which he has already sold to someone else.

But among all this, the storyline between Harvey’s new love, Paula which reached a happy turn on it’s road was about to get very windy in front of them.

A dinner date with Harvey’s mother and the two was enough to break the relationship between the duo as Paula asked Harvey to fire Donna because of the past insecurities of her relationship with her ex. A has been the case, the character of Harvey Specter was again put in a tough spot.

Rachel and Mike tried to work towards their marriage and even though things were a little snappy between the two, all turned out to be fine by the end of the episode. But i really doubt that was not the case with Louis and his affair which came to a bitter indirect end with him getting to meet Shiela’s fiancé, Zander. But you never know, it’s Louis after all. Rick Hoffman is so good in changing colors of his character that even a chameleon would feel defeated in front of him.

Coming back to Donna and Harvey, he finds her resignation on his desk after she went to Paula to ask for her forgiveness but Paula didn’t budge from her stance. But I would not be surprised if someone doubted that Harvey will leave Donna for anyone even as a friend.

So, Harvey end up giving up on a potential soulmate for the COO of his firm. Well, life is tough and that’s what Suits reminds us every episode.

PS: Beautiful background score everytime during the dying moments of every episode and this episode wasn’t any different.


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