SmackDown Live : 17/04/18

AJ Styles enters the ring as SmackDown Live and the second night for the SuperStar Shake-Up goes live. The promo was AJ was weak and short compared to what he can do with a mic in front. The strongest thing about the promo was when AJ Styles called Nakamura a two-faced coward and asked him to come out and face him. But out came Aiden English with Rusev because it’s RUSEV DAY!!!!

AJ Styles vs Rusev

A few strikes by Rusev and soon AJ entangled Rusev into a calf crusher but in under a minute, English interrupted and a good old beatdown on AJ became imminent. Daniel Bryan came running to the rescue which eventually lead to the new SmackDown GM announcing a tag team main event among the four.

Shelton Benjamin came out alone as Chad Gable was inducted to RAW. He cut a rare not-o-bad heelish promo ans asked for someone to come out who can challenge him.

Out comes Randy Orton but before he could move halfway up the ramp, comes the newest acquisition of SmackDown Live, United States Champion Jeff Hardy.

The way Randy looked at him, is something brewing between the two? Maybe a future feud between Brother Nero and Orton for the Championship.

Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin

Hardy made short match out of Benjamin as got the win by a pinfall after a beautifully executed Swantom Bomb.

The Miz came to SmackDown Live in a video recorded at his home to do what he does best. Talk. Maryse besides him looked quite bloated with their baby . By the way, who wears sunglasses inside their house???!!!

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose included in SmackDown Live.

Jey Uso vs Harper

Again a match which was decided in under a minute. Harper took an easy win and The Bludgeon Brothers began their demolition of the Usos. But Naomi came out shrieking at the top of her lungs begging for mercy for her husband. Well, one thing came out of it, if the Usos could not find any other way to beat The Bludgeon Brothers, they always have Naomi.

Sin Cara vs Samoa Joe

Is it just me or in every match till now, the winner has made short work of the loser and that too by quite some margin. Samoa Joe bulldozed his way through this match and Sin Cara and his high flying antics were nowhere to be seen. Joe won the match with his dominant submission move, The Coquina Clutch. Samoa Joe announcing a roaring acquisition for SmackDown Live.

Well, Joe wants to do quite a lot of things in the “Land Of Handouts” as he calls it. he wants to put Bryan to sleep, defame Orton and decimate Styles. He also reinforced his obsession with “The Big Dog”. Well Roman, you better watch out.

Big Cass is back and in SmackDown Live. He calls Bryan “a little man”.


Carmella comes out and praises her to the end of this world. Carmella named her Money in the Bank briefcase Frankie, and named her SmackDown Women’s Championship Cleopatra. Trash talk! and Trash talk! and more Trash talk!

Out comes the Queen, Charlotte to confront her and then comes The Iconics, Peyton Royce and Billy Kaye.

Billy Kaye vs Charlotte Flair

With Becky Lynch at ringside, Charlotte won the match with her favorite submission move but soon a beatdown ensued between the Iconics, Carmella and Becky Lynch, Charlotte.

But soon Asuka comes out to save them. Asuka is drafted to SmackDown Live!!!

The Club, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, The Bar, Cesaro and Sheamus are coming to SmackDown along with the sensational, Cien Almas and Zelina Vega.

R-Truth is here but he is severely confused about this being Monday night RAW and not SmackDown Live.

Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles vs Rusev and Aiden English

Danie Bryan starts the match with English and tags AJ quickly with English in his straps. Loud chants of Rusev Day and AJ Styles by the crowd. Rusev comes to the ring and both AJ and Bryan tried to put on their submission moves on them but they escape. match resumes. Quick tags by Rusev and English ensures that AJ is not able to tag Bryan for a long time. Eventually he tags Bryan and after a few shots, it was time for the Yes kicks on Rusev.

Out of nowhere Nakamura comes in from the crowd and delivers yet another low blow to Styles. He really is in love with Styles’ lower abdomen.

Bryan soon realises it but turns around to see Big Cass with his Big boot which came crashing right into his face. A feud between Cass and Bryan seems imminent now. The returning Miz next week will spice things up even more for SmackDown Live.


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