Monday Night Raw : 16/04/18

The Superstar shakeup’s first round started off with Monday night RAW as Kurt Angle came out to his usual loud cheers. Out came Jinder Mahal with his US Championship on his shoulders to make more than a few demands from the RAW General Manager.

Kurt Angle tells him that he needs to be a fighting champion and makes the announcement that he has to defend title against anyone who wants to challenge him.

Guess who!!!! Brother Nero a.k.a Jeff Hardy comes out and the crowd goes ballistic.

Jinder Mahal vs Jeff Hardy for the US Championship

It was a pretty good match up with Mahal showing his growing skills as a wrestler and Hardy his usual high flying self. It was a fast paced battle but unlucky for Mahal, he lost his title on his very first night at RAW. Mahal later states he’ll fight Hardy for a rematch at Greatest Royal Rumble. Remains to be seen where do both these athletes go from here.

Sasha Banks vs Bailey

A pretty useless feud with most probably the loser going to SmackDown Live tomorrow. The only highlight was that they both were attacked by the Riott squad who got transferred to the Red brand.

Authors of Pain vs Heath Slater and Rhino

A better squash match than the last for Slater and Rhino but Authors of Pain are here to dominate and they truly do.

MizTV with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Probably the last MizTV in a while on RAW as mentioned by Kurt Angle in the middle of this segment.

Kami who were inducted into RAW were the guest and they were part of a big group hug between the Miz and The Miztourage which was quite amusing.

Overall, it was a very entertaining and funny segment all thanks to Zayn who with his reading glasses was at his best while reading an email printout from Stephanie stating that Kami are reinstated on RAW and Kurt’s decision, yet again, was overruled.

Kurt dropped a bomb on Miz getting transferred to the blue brand without The Miztourage and setting all the five up in a 10-man tag team match up with Balor, Rollins, Strowman, Lashley and a SmackDown superstar.

Breezango showed up on RAW to comment on The Bar’s dressing sense.

Natalya also gets transferred to RAW united with her long time friend Rousey.

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy vs the Revival

Lake of Incarnation did well to propel the unlikely duo of Hardy and Wyatt to the finals of the RAW Tag Team Championship where they would be competing with The Bar at The Greatest Royal Rumble.

Ember Moon vs Mickie James

A well fought match but the winner was as clear as a burning candle in a dark room. James sold the Eclipse almost as well as The Rock used to sell the Stone Cold Stunner.

Ziggler shows up with a Mystery Man

Ziggler begins to cut a promo but is cut off by Titus Worldwide members who were looking for the fourth member in their exclusive club.

Dolph explains he brought someone with him, and Titus is attacked from behind by Drew Mcintyre.

PS: All three former members of 3MB are on Raw. Coincidence?? Or the 3-man band is all set to go in again. Time will tell.

MITB winner Baron Corbin is drafted on RAW

Baron Corbin heads over to RAW with a promo video, which featured plenty of footage of Corbin beating up Kalisto. He never actually appears live on RAW.

Roman Reigns was interrupted again by Samoa Joe. maybe its time Reigns turned heel.

10-man tag team match : The Miztourage, The Miz, Kami vs Balor, Rollins, Strowman, Lashley, Roode

Out comes Roode and he gets the loudest cheer of the night. It seems SmackDown will again be getting the short end of the stick.

Rollins started the match up and was in the ring for a long time. Miztourage helped The Miz by taking out his “possbile tags” while he was in a bad condition.

A not so strong show by Lashley in this match up as he was getting thrown out of the ring now and then. Finn Balor had little to no role in this match. Meanwhile Kami worked great as a team again. One thing became clear, this match was a virtual goodbye for The Miz from RAW.

Miz mocked the then SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan and it is a calculated guess that the Miz will resume his long standing feud with Bryan after he is transferred tomorrow to SmackDown Live. After random one on one eliminations, it was the Miz and Braun Strowman in the ring. No doubt the loudest cheers of the night during this match were reserved for Strowman. The Miz following his usual tried to run away and tried to tag his friend in arms, the Miztourage teammates, Axel and Dallas but what better showcase in this business than betrayal.

Both of them jumped off the apron refusing the tag and a running powerslam by The Monster among Men finished the match with a running powerslam to the Miz.


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