This Week in Wrestling

Get the highlight of the entire week in Wrestling.

1. Authors of Pain arrived!!!

The Authors of Pain has arrived on Monday Night Raw and they don’t need Paul Ellering anymore, because he’s old and AOP don’t want a guardian to carry them, It doesn’t look “cool” guys.

2. Paige retires

Paige finally announced retirement from active in-ring competition.

Oh! Wait She’s new GM of SmackDown Live! Deja Vu???

3. Ember Moon rises

Ember Moon is a friend of Nia Jax.

4. Joe! Joe! Joe!

Samoa Joe has returned and he exposed Roman Reigns like a boss.

5. Jeff Hardy is back!!!

Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Returning Brother Nero defeated The Miztourage.

6. Legendary Matchup

Daniel Bryan V AJ Styles happened, Apparently Nakamura is fascinated by Styles’ lower abdomen.

7. Naka makes a point

Nakamura says Sorry Speak No English.

8. At long last, Carmella cashes in!!!!

Mella cashes in, she’s the new champion.

9. Tommy Dreamer!!!!

Tommy Dreamer is in Impact Zone and swinging kendo stick like a pro.

10. Bobby Lashley Returns home!!!


Lashley returned to Monday Night RAW to interrupt Elias and put him down with a stalling suplex.

11. Big Poppa Pump!!!

Scott Steiner is big bad booty daddy and Eli Drake is big bad gravy daddy and they will challenge LAX for the TNA Impact GFW Impact Tag Team Championships at Redemption. Redemption what? Yeah, it’s a PPV, you have to pay to watch it, so jokes on you,
Dummy yeah!
But who’s gonna pay for it? We will search for those rich spoiled brats, meanwhile goodbye.

Come back next week.

PS: The Rosebuds (Without Braun Strawman) are back with No Way Jose.
Let’s dance everybody.

No way Jose
No way Jose

Image Credits – WWE


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