Jericho replaces Rusev in the Casket match against The Undertaker

Rusev was removed from the his marquee match that was going to happen against The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia on 27th April,2018. He was replaced by Chris Jericho.


As it happened, on the morning of April 12th, Rusev along with his wife Lana conducted an interview with TMZ where some trash talking was done against The Undertaker to which The Deadman’s wife Michelle McCool reacted bitterly on Twitter.

“Undertaker is a little bit in the past,” Rusev told TMZ Sports at The Henry in WeHo. “I’ll beat him so bad it may be his last fight.”

Lana chimed in — “You’re gonna obviously crush him. He’s stronger and faster and better.”

Apparently, Rusev also said that he will retire The Undertaker and “Crush his Old Ass”.

If that may have prompted the WWE management to take this decision or if it’s something else remains to be seen.

After being replaced, Rusev removed all references of WWE from his Twitter profile.

Seems everything is pretty heated up on Rusev Day!!!


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