The Deadman Rises above Cenation

Cena’s music hits. Crowd goes nuts. He comes out running.

Everyone waits for the rise of The Undertaker but soon a referee comes down the ramp and whispers something to Cena because of which he grabs his collar.

The lights go out. Crowd Anticipation grows but the strings of a guitar hits the speakers and Elias comes out.

Cena goes back into the crowd as Elias takes centre stage. Elias does his routine with utmost calmness until Cena could not take it anymore, he comes to the ring sends Elias back with an Attitude Adjustment.

Cena’s music hits, starts going back dejected as the lights go out. Cena stops in his track.

A spotlight shows Undertaker’s jacket and hat inside the ring folded neatly.

A few moment of theatrics and they have gone, simply vanished.

A gong echoes through the Superdome. The sound every WWE fan has been waiting to hear for the past one month as never sounded so loud. Music hits and out comes The Deadman.

He has risen once again and answered Cena’s call for a macth between two of the all time greats and certainly future WWE Hall of famers. Most expected him to come in his Badass persona but here he was, the old timer back again to do what he does best, compete in WrestleMania.

The match soon begins with Cena still looking shocked after the utter disappointment.

The Undertaker breaks all hell loose over Cena and surrounds him with a barrage of punches.

High boot kicks and going old school soon after the match began summarised Undertaker’s furious start. He looked much fitter and was very agile.

Flying closeline, running clothesline, Snake Eyes, Big Boot, Big Leg drop, the Undertaker didn’t flinch before unloading his classic armory of attacks on the 16-time World Champion.

Cena dodges a chokeslam and plants The Phenom with a slam to buy himself some time and gain control.

You can’t see me taunt by Cena, he’s being cocky there, but Taker sat up and all credits to Cena as he scrambles away in fear in the most dramatic of fashions.

Huge chokeslam!

Tombstone Piledriver!

The Undertaker wins over the leader of Cenation. The match time of 2 minutes and 45 seconds between two of the greatest legends of any generation was a bit difficult to let go. Moreover, the man who was defeated by Reigns and Lesnar easily in the last two WrestleManias defeating a 16-time champion so easily was also not a realistic part of the match but when The Deadman returns to his own home and fights with one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all time, who is going to complain.

Verdict: Tons of tons of respect to JOHN CENA for orchestrating this match, not only WE got to see The Undertaker again, but also Cena solidified the presence and the persona of The Deadman. Last year, everyone was unhappy with how Roman defeated The Undertaker, he was beaten down, battered down. Roman defeated him mercilessly, which questioned the legitimacy of the dead-man as a performer, Cena sold every ounce of the fear factor which Undertaker brings to the ring. It was short and Sweet. I agree this was not a great wrestling match, but what is wrestling without FanBoy Markouts? 

Thank you, Cena

Thank You, Taker.
Hope to see more from both of you soon.



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