Ronda Unleashes her Rowdiness at WresleMania

Ronda Rousey announced herself to the professional wrestling world with a slam bam match partnering Kurt Angle against the prolific upper management of WWE, Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

A mixed tag team match whose only target was to showcase Rousey, was executed well and one of the few matches which was well worth it’s money.

First and foremost, Triple H and Stephanie’s entry need a special mention. Rows of heavy metal cruiser bikes roaring down the ramp and the power couple following them on their own bikes was a sight to see but well, like always it was bonkers.

The match started with Kurt Angle getting destroyed by The Authority’s sneak attack tactics and the referee as usual distracted from the scene of the crime. A perfect spine buster in the middle of the ring displayed vintage HHH to the 78,000-odd crowd in the stadium.

Angle tries to tag Ronda quite a few times but The Authority foils there every move. Stephanie constantly taunts Ronda to get in the ring but she could not. But a moment soon came, when Triple got a pedigree countered and he is out of the ring.

Ronda saw her moment, got inside the ring and pulled Stephanie by her hair inside the ring and the beatdown started.

A side suplex and Ronda starts throwing punches on her with a right hand jab landing right on her ribs and Stephanie gets her wind knocked out of her.

She counters the first Armbar by the former UFC fighter and with a DDT covers her. Ronda kicks out at two. Stephanie mocks Ronda imitating her but she soon finds out that it was a bad idea when Ronda got up swiftly and grabbed her throat and a High impact swinging Samoan Drop.

Covers her but the referee is pulled out of the ring by Triple H.

Outside ring action as Angle comes to the rescue. A German Suplex countered by Triple H send Angle flying over the Spanish announcer’s table. Triple H vs Ronda Rousey, against the rules, but when you challenge The Game, he does not back off.

Multiple strikes drives HHH to a corner with a huge crowd reaction. He was saved by his wife from a dangerous swinging Samoan Drop by Rousey.

Kurt Angle is back and the ring with belly to belly suplexes and German suplexes on HHH. This was wild and at a frantic pace too.

Stephanie came to The Game’s rescue but got herself into an Angle lock by the Olympian, but not for long.

Ronda and HHH inside the ring and she counters a pedigree but soon got a rear naked choke locked in on her by Stephanie.

But soon the scene reverses and Ronda has the Armbar locked in on Stephanie and Angle has the ankle lock on HHH. HHH counters and sends Angle flying over hitting Ronda and breaking up the hold. Kurt flips HHH over the top rope and Rousey with the armbar on Stephanie! “No!” she yells as Rousey slowly locks it in and wrenches back! Stephanie McMahon taps out! The Olympians win!

Verdict: I enjoyed the match, even though it was not a great match Wrestling wise, few botches & lack of co-ordinations was difficult to see. But this match had a different purpose, that was to show Ronda Rousey as a performer to the entire world. Ronda is a badass and she is here to stay in WWE. She proved she didn’t make any bad decision. Kurt Angle still got it, but not like he used to. Angle making Triple H tap out must have taken you back to the Attitude Era, those were the days, right?  I wish I get to see more from Angle afterward.
This feud is probably over, Kurt is back to his suits, We will be waiting to see who is next for The Rowdy one.

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