Movie Review : The Commuter

Initial release: 11 January 2018
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Box office: $107.6 million
Budget: 4 crores USD
FanPower Rating : 7/10
Insurance salesman, Michael after losing his job is approached by a stranger during his daily routine train journey and gives him a hypothetical situation to unravel which becomes the reality. With his family and every passenger in the train in grave danger, Michael has to find out a way where he can trust no one but his instincts.
A typical Liam Neeson movie meets the CGI world and we get this fast action, nail biting one hell of a movie. Sure, the story is cliched, the suspense doesn’t remain a suspense, again a Liam-Neeson_out-to-save-the-world kind of a movie. But the major thing to be pointed out is that it is a fun ride which will keep you glued to the seat. A movie should be fun, entertaining and should do enough to engross the viewer in it’s story and this film is all about that.
Judging it critically, there are thousands of movies you can watch which are much better than this. But watching a movie is just not about criticizing a movie, rather enjoying a movie and I am sure you will do that in this movie.
If you are a Liam Neeson fan, go watch that movie after this. If you are not, give it a try. You will surely like it.

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