Dream Match Part II

WWE Championship


AJ Styles (Champion) V


Shinsuke Nakamura (Challenger)

They call it the sports entertainment’s grandest stage, there we have sports entertainments’ most prized possession, we have arguably the greatest wrestler of our generation, we also have the king of Strong style.

Professional Wrestling is a performing art which dates back to centuries, and it has seen, in-ring abilities of many greats, the art of wrestling have many forms throughout the world, but for some reasons, United States of America and Japan has seen the best of it. The sport which once was contained in a gym sized arena, now hosted in large stadiums or Super Domes, and only two promotions which stands over, dominating the entire wrestling scene. They are World Wrestling Entertainment and New Japan Pro Wrestling. But you already know that. So, why did I brought it up? Let’s recap to January 4, 2016, The Intercontinental Championship was on the line, no, not the one which is currently held by The Miz, it was the NJPW Intercontinental Championship, in front of 25 thousand strong at the iconic Tokyo Dome, we witnessed a dream match turned reality, AJ Styles V Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura got the best of Styles at that event and retained his title. The match was remembered for one more reason apart from their mutual respect after their spectacular match, and that is both headed to WWE afterwards.

Coming back to 2018,

From Tokyo Dome to New Orleans Superdome,

From NJPW Intercontinental Championship to WWE Championship,

The title holders role is also reversed.

One thing hasn’t changed, both Aj Styles and Nakamura are arguably the best performers that NJPW had then and WWE has right now.

Nakamura and Styles took two different paths, Styles debuted at the Royal Rumble Match in 2016 January only, while Nakamura went to NXT. People had different viewpoints on both of their WWE careers, most people were sceptic, “WWE is going to ruin them”, “Creative can’t book them properly”, but when you put the Wrestling in the WWE and perform like absolutely best in the industry, it’s impossible not to give you what you deserve. Within one year of their televised debut Styles and Nakamura both seen success, in the form of WWE Championship and the NXT Championship respectively. Styles is the kind of student who can top in any school he’s thrown to, whereas Nakamura is the kind of student, who doesn’t speak much, but even the teachers are afraid of their knowledge, their personality, their wisdom. Winning the 30- Men Royal Rumble solidified Nakamura as a real deal in the main roster, soon enough Styles survived a 6-pack challenged which also involved the likes of John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler.

AJ Styles has held World Titles of NWA/TNA/WWE/NJPW and many other promotions from all over the world. Shinsuke Nakamura is the youngest IWGP Champion and held the title for an impressive 3 times.

They have done it all inside the ring, their presence in the WrestleMania 2018, reminds us it’s not about trash talking, it’s not about acting, it’s not about a mic-drop, it’s not about hero defeating a villain, It’s just about WRESTLING, the performing art, the in-ring story-telling.

The phenomenal one and The King of strong style are ready to mesmerize you, the dream is a reality for the 2nd time, I guess I have heard something similar before. #NoOffence to John Cena and The Rock, this match is for the Wrestling fans and Dave Meltzer’s stars.

The sound of the violin is buzzing in my ears, so you better get ready. The WWE Championship is on the line. Will the history repeat? Or the most popular champion in the WORLD will retain?

WrestleMania is just 3 days away.


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