Why The Undertaker should return with the American Badass gimmick?

John Cena has made it pretty clear that he wants a definite path towards WrestleMania and he has challenged the Undertaker, after failing to win The Royal Rumble Match, The Elimination Chamber Match and then the 6-Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship match at Fastlane.

John Cena not having an opponent or a main event caliber match at the grandest stage of them all was heavily promoted, which indicated, he doing something huge this year, after proposing to his girlfriend at past WrestleMania, he needed to do something Wrestling- related big this year. John Cena made a challenge to the Undertaker, the very next day after not being successful at Elimination Chamber but he also claimed, that match cannot be made by the management, that little hint excited the WWE Universe but then again Cena went to Smackdown to pursue the WWE Championship from Aj Styles and 4 other contenders at Fastlane. Another defeat put him straight to his mission, a mission which has been a dream match for the last one and a half decade. Finally, Cena has challenged the Undertaker, even though Undertaker hasn’t answered the challenge, its safe to assume we are getting the dream match “Finally” this time.

Since The Undertaker retired Shawn Micheals and had two epic encounters with Triple H, we were anticipating this dream match, who among us hasn’t thought about a Title V Streak match between John Cena and The Undertaker, while Cena defending his WWE championship.

The streak was over at Wrestlemania 30, Brock Lesner ended the streak, a moment which shocked millions and millions of Wrestling fans, many thought it was “the End” of the Deadman. But it wasn’t, at Wrestlemania 31, he defeated Bray Wyatt and at 32, he defeated Shane McMahon. People started wondering is it the time we will finally witness Cena V Undertaker? No! we didn’t, instead, we saw a match, where the deadman was beaten down, battered down and defeated by Roman Reigns, a name which may be most hated in the WWE Universe, right now. After the end of the match, The Undertaker took his hat, jacket, gloves and left in the middle of the ring, indicating he is done at the age of 52, he is done being the soul collector, he is done being the deadman. A moment where many thought, he has retired for good, many were dissatisfied with the way it ended but they found their closure in the fact that the Undertaker indeed has retired.

But it is the WrestleMania season, doesn’t matter, how much you made up your mind, you need to see the Undertaker, the little child inside you craves to see the Undertaker because you know it won’t be Wrestlemania without the phenom. And, if you were not that sentimental, you are like “hey! it’s fine we don’t need the deadman”, I’m damn sure John Cena has changed your mind by now. The franchise player knows one thing for sure and that is how to sell a match. He knows, how to sell a main event caliber match at Wrestlemania. Marketing Guru Philip Cotler himself would be proud of him.

But then again our so-called logical mind be like if the Undertaker hasn’t retired yet, what was the point in sending him out like that last year at Mania? Well, I guess I know the answer, the answer lies in the title.

The Deadman maybe no more, but the American Badass isn’t done yet. Remember the last time when Undertaker wasn’t there for his WrestleMania match build-up against his brother Kane? Yeah, Kane carried the entire build-up on his own just like Cena is doing this time. Yes! The Undertaker returned as the Deadman at Wrestlemania 20 to defeat his brother Kane. So the entire gimmick changed from American Badass to the Deadman the last time when The Undertaker wasn’t there to built his Wrestlemania match. Are we going to observe a Vice-versa after 14 years? WWE fans know a little phrase “History repeats himself”.

And after all, we didn’t find any closure with the American Badass. Remember Limp Bizkit? I hope you do.
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