Deception S01E03 : Escapology Review



The new ABC crime comedy series drama about a tainted magician working as a “consultant illusionist” is just many series put in a pressure cooker and put to boil. It does not necessarily mean that the show is boring. Sure the show is entertaining enough, but there is nothing to look forward to for the next episode. A continuous storyline emerged in the first episode but no built up or even the intent of it has been shown till now.

The third episode starts with a scene of a museum where an art docent has been locked and held hostage inside a highly secured room containing art works worth millions which were fitted with remote charges destined to blow them off. As per the book, Kay, the lead FBI agent calls for Cameron Black (the illusionist) to help her solve the case and rescue the hostage with his skills as an escape artist.

The episode was interesting though the story was mediocre. Last year, a similar series Limitless got cancelled because of the same issues and this series seem to repeat those mistakes again and again. For the good of it, i really hope the story line takes a turn for the better.




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