Best in the Business?

Aj Styles doesn’t call himself “best in the world” every other day, he proves it.

How? None can describe it with words but if you watch his performance any episode of Smackdown Live! or any Pay per view, you will know.

I hope everyone has watched Fastlane by now. We all are aware Aj Styles has successfully defended his championship in a 6- pack challenge match. A match which also featured the likes of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and the almighty himself John Cena.

Many critics were dissatisfied with the match, where the Universal Champion doesn’t even have to defend his title since Royal Rumble, Aj Styles is basically being punished in a match where he doesn’t even have to get pinned to lose his title.

Styles didn’t complain, his positive attitude stood tall, he practically witnessed a triple threat situation turned into a fatal four then fatal five and eventually a six pack, but he came down every Tuesday and vowed doesn’t matter how many people get added into the match, he will win. Such determination, such heart, such willpower is strangely similar to the franchise player himself.

As predicted by Wrestling Pundits, Styles retained, gave a brilliant performance as always. We are no stranger to the elite technical skills of Aj Styles, which I have coined as the “Styles Standard”. A standard which probably sends HBK to school, #NoOffence.

Heel or Face, Poor Promo or Brilliant Promo, Great Match or Tremendous Match (Duuh!!) the crowd doesn’t fail to express their excitement, whenever they see the Phenomenal One!

“AJ STYLES” cheer is the hottest and stands in the ranks of “CM Punk” or “EC Dub”.

Outside of the ring, Make a wish, carrying children to the ring, motivating people to follow their Dreams, Not just in the ring. Styles has made his mark all over the industry all over the real world. If he is not the effective current face of the company then who is?

One could only wish, Aj Styles to main event Wrestlemania, but we might have to hold on to that dream for a while.

But it’s official now, Aj Styles V Shinsuke Nakamura…

Two former NJPW sensations going head to head, trust me guys you were going to witness the match of the year, an extreme intensity in a Wrestlemania match which you truly deserve.



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