UFC 222 : Cyborg vs. Kunitskaya

World Featherweight Championship:

Cris Cyborg vs Yana Kunitskaya

Cyborg is coming with a 9 match winning streak behind her and is a difficult woman to beat, make no mistake about it. Yana is a big underdog in this match.

ROUND 1 Cyborg is aggressive from the start throwing punches. Kunitskaya delves down and grabs her ankles and affected a takedown with a forward clinch but Cyborg gets back up. Physical strength of Kunitskaya is overpowering Cyborg. Cyborg breaks free showing her Jujitsu skills. A strong right hand jab by Cyborg dismantles Kunitskaya from her core and a strong leg kick to the chest makes her fall in the ring and a series of ground and pound on Kunitskaya conpells the referee to stop the fight.

Winner by TKO in 3:25 Cris Cyborg

Featherweight :

Frankie Edgar vs Brian Ortega

Winner by KO Brian Ortega

Bantamweight :

Sean O’Malley vs Andre Soukhamthath

ROUND 1 is a slow start. Andre tumbles a bit affected by O’Malley’s knee kick. A wild right hand by Soukhamthath right on the spot. Brilliant side kick by O’Malley. Roundhouse fist by O’Malley and Soukhamthath gathers himself. O’Malley is continuously switching stances making it difficult for Soukhamthath to gather his wits in one place. A huge right hand and a huge left kick , a knee to the the head, and Soukhamthath just survives.

ROUND 2 Soukhamthath starts aggressive. Left kicks from O’Malley are coming hot and hard. A takedown by Soukhamthath but O’Malley converts it into a hard leg choke barraging Soukhamthath’s face with punches. Soukhamthath tries to lift up O’Malley with his hand stuck in the choke but fails. Another choke by O’Malley in the finishing seconds but saved by the bell again. This has been an entertaining fight.

ROUND 3 starts with a hard fought grapple and a few hard body kicks. 46 significant strikes by O’Malley as opposed to just 15 by Soukhamthath. Takedown by Soukhamthath after leg kicks stumble O’Malley. 60% successful takedowns by Soukhamthath. Soukhamthath got this round in the bag for sure.

Winner by unanimous decision Sean O’Malley

Men’s Heavyweight :

Stefan Struve vs Andrei Arlovski

ROUND 1 starts with a big left hand by the Big Man Struve. Few thigh kicks by Arlovski. A near perfect takedown by Arlovski and Struve is lying on his back. But he gets up quickly. Another takedown by Arlovski and barrage of head shots on Struve. Refree breaks the stalemate and the fight resumes. Round finishes. A strong start by Arlovski but Struve has his height and reach to his advantage.

ROUND 2 starts meekly but again a takedown by Arlovski and Struve counters by blocking his right knee under him. Struve is in control now. An unsuccessful attempt at a Suplex by Struve.

ROUND 3 clearly goes to Arlovski

Winner by unanimous decision Andrei Arlovski

Women’s Bantamweight :

Cat Zingano vs Katlan Vieira

Vieira has a 9-0 undefeated MMA record coming into this match.

ROUND 1 started furiously with body kicks, an upper knee by Zingano and a few solid punches. An unsuccessful takedown attempt was made by Zingano but continuous upper knee by Zingano keeps her ahead. Zingano kept coming forward and got a successful takedown. Round finishes.

ROUND 2 started with a few body kicks by Zingano but soon Vieira countered with a takedown and is in full control. Zingano proved to be a tough customer to control but the Brazilian regains her control back continuously pressing her weight on Zingano. Ample chances for Vieira to capitalise but fails to do so. Zingano holds on. Round 2 finishes. Zingano’s forward attacking technique is working against her.

ROUND 3 starts with a brilliant left face kick by Zingano but Vieira again comes with a takedown as has been the case the past two rounds. Zingano injured herself applying the kick. Again Vieira is failing in her attempt to capitalise. Boos from the crowd as Zingano is not even making an attempt to get up but saying that she gets up and gets a loud cheer from the crowd. Continuous punches by Zingano. She comes hard towards her opponent in the last 20 seconds. A few knees to the body and the trumpet blows to indicate the finish.

Winner by Split decision : Ketlen Vieira

Image Credits : UFC


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