Lights out…. Murmurs amidst the audience…. Undertaker returns? Some newcomer? Out comes a violinist. The first chord of d violin hits! … Still no clue… The music goes on and then pops up a name on the giant screen. The crowd erupts in joy! Long hair on one side-one side short, that wicked smile and those martial arts-pop combo moves…

The King of Strong Style is here! The artiste known as SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! The sensation from NJPW, their youngest champion of all times is here! To hell with previous accomplishments. The entrance! What was that!? It was out of this world. Something WWE hadn’t seen for a long long time. Nakamura sure knows how to hit an entrance. The music- The Rising Sun had become an overnight hit. Fans had already started setting it as their ringtones. The lights, the moves, the style of walking and not to mention, even his weird seizure-like expressions became a fan favorite.entry

Nakamura had made a name for himself quite quickly in Japan after joining NJPW in March 2002. He had earned the nickname of “super rookie” and had impressed the officials with his excellent combination of in-ring abilities, strength, style and speed. He had faced big names who had been more established such as Brock Lesnar or AJ Styles and their matches, running over almost half an hour, are worth a watch. They are still viewed on YouTube today.  Throughout his entire career with New Japan Pro Wrestling, with all of the bumps along the way, that means from the rushed young lion phase of his career right into the “Supernova” phase that saw Nakamura, a young wrestling prodigy, tasked with carrying not only the struggling company on his shoulders, but the struggling world of pro wrestling as well. At the time Shinsuke was an awkward young guy, there was supposed to be a chip on his shoulder, but instead it seemed like he was just some young kid thrust into a position that he clearly wasn’t ready for and everything that came with it.ajnaka.jpg

Even after being a NXT champ for month, Nakamura had been kept idle for the first few weeks, or rather he still has been kept idle in the main show. One match at a pay per view and a month off. Why? Because he lacks mic skills? Or was it because he was thought to be overhyped? Well, none to be precise. WWE has probably done the best thing to keep him idle for long and still continue doing the same. Am I mad? Nyah! Let me explain. After the Roman push and babyface turn failed miserably, Nakamura would have been the next target had he been given the push. And it is a shame when people boo a star who is a “technical wrestler” with years of experience, and that too, acting as a face! He was not involved in any strong storylines, was given ‘contender matches’, had won a few of them, lost few… no one expected him to lose to Jinder Mahal though, hats off Vince! Anyways then came the most predictable push in recent times. But at the same time WWE succeeded in giving us fans the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.shinsuke-nakamura-john-cena-10-1502355961.jpg

Royal Rumble 2018, the last four men remain- Finn Balor (#2), John Cena (#20), Roman Reigns (#28… o you thought he would win, didn’t you?) and Nakamura (#14). We were literally taken aback! WWE delivering something so good after ages! Anyone could win… That adrenaline rush couldn’t be defined! And then, in the back of our minds, we knew it would be Nakamura who would win it. And then it happens! The crowd erupts, the intoxicating violins play and we see Shinsuke pointing towards the Wrestlemania symbol…royal.jpg

Whats next for him? Well who cares!! Nakamura has clearly stated that he would face AJ Styles at Wrestlemania, well what more would a wrestling fan want? WWE should give Styles and Nakamura a blank cheque, remove scripts and ask them to go out and give whatever they’ve got! That would just be enough. Everyone would love to relive their forty minute Wrestle Kingdom moment. As for now, Shinsuke is just being shown once a week or his video package is being shown. Well that’s enough for now, though it is boring without him in action… we can definitely expect a lot more from him in the upcoming days.

It is very difficult for a person without fluency in English to come to the US and outperform wrestlers, big names included, that too when microphone skills play a vital part for a wrestler. Years of hard work and dedication can make you achieve anything. What better example than Nakamura? Starting from his entrance to his Kinshasa, everything is captivating. Shinsuke Nakamura is a guy who is very flamboyant, so don’t let his Michael Jackson antics fool you… this guy is deadly! Mark my words, he is indeed going to be a WWE Champion, and that too, for a long time.



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