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KAMI… Dragon Ball Z? Well no. Its Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn! Best friends, who have travelled all over the world together, have wrestled together had been prominent faces in ROH and PWG as Kevin Steen and El Generico.


Kevin Owens had been given the push since day 1. Enter the main show – challenge John Cena- drop him with a pop up power bomb- go on to face him on his debut match- beat him! Previously he had been a NXT champion and there were storylines where he attacked his so called best friend, Sami Zayn out of ‘storyline jealousy’ because Sami became champion.


Sami who had not received that expected push in the main show, had debuted against Cena for his US open challenge. He would eventually return to the main show and would straight away attack Owens. The two have had matches, interferences, brawls and it seemed that it would continue when the unexpected happened…

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Hell in a Cell, 2017, Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon. Shane has dropped KO through the announce table, Owens isn’t moving. Shane climbs up the steel cage to make one final jump on KO… out comes Sami outta nowhere to help his old friend. He actually saves Kevin and helps him win the match! Since then these two have been together. The rather annoying duo were all about cheating, interfering and sneak attacks on others. Someone seemed to be liking this duo a lot. While Shane was after their lives, SDL GM Daniel Bryan was always making the save fort them. And the victim? None other than champion AJ Styles. Title defenses in handicap matches to fatal 5 ways! SDL has given us all, though it wasn’t necessary.
Things got a bit sour in the last 2 weeks, the heated arguments between the two friends increased drastically. Everyone was thinking of a possible KO vs Sami at Wrestlemania. Then came this week’s SDL. KO beats Dolph with a little distraction caused by Sami. Sami walks up to Owens and says that he still has his back. He would help Kevin eliminate the other competitors and would then “do the right thing”. Fans might have thought that he meant he would pin KO, but no! Sami says that he would take a fall and help KO become champion and headline Wrestlemania!! Why on earth!? Would he take the push just to go back to where he belonged to all these years? Or is it just a KO’isk technique to win his heart as of now?
We don’t really know where this thing is going to. Maybe we will indeed have a Fight Owens Fight vs OLE! But these two have been impressive. You know you are heel when you literally annoy people by your presence. O yes! This has greatly annoyed me as well. Their chemistry and storytelling both on and off screen has been epic. Be it hatred or love or fake help, their eyes speak every word! It takes years of togetherness and understanding to carry out these in terms of script accurately. Kevin and Sami weren’t destined to be friends just because they have similar daemons, because that would be weird. Absolutely ridiculous! Or, five times Sami and Kevin broke the human-daemon touch taboo, and didn’t realize the effect they had.


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