Movie Review : The Darkest Hour

Initial release: 22 November 2017 (USA)
Director: Joe Wright
Box office: 124.2 million USD
Genre : Drama,History
FanPower Rating : 9.5/10
Set in the 1940s during the brink of World War II, where Hitler is advancing his troops to invade all of Europe. Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) is made the prime minister of United Kingdom without the favour of his own party and the King himself and soon finds himself in a precarious position whether to engage a peace treaty or fight for freedom.
Gary Oldman comes up with the best performance of his lifetime as the old and senile Winston Churchill roaring away in his flawless English making even The King stuttering front of him. The oratory capabilities of Churchill were at full display as Gary Oldman did full justice to the role and then some.
The first half of the movie was just a showcase to the roaring live figure of Churchill barking orders and getting angry time and time gain. Not in favour of the King or his fellow party mates because of his failed and disastrous policies, he was elected the Prime Minister as the opposition favored him. Lily James as his personal typewriter did a rather good job staying in the shadows of Oldman and lifted him to be the star of the show. Kristin Scott Thomas as his loving wife and Stephen Dillane as Lord Halifax played their role to near perfection even though the screen time was all Mr. Churchill. And why not, Gary Oldman is a treat to watch and him at its best is just simply a delight.
The second half of the movie took an entirely different turn as the death of soldiers and the opposition of some of the member is his War Council started to weigh on the conscience of the ever so determined Churchill. One of the greatest orators ever was not able to create words mumbling his way through the mid part of the story. But the King’s confidence and a delicately shot scene of the Prime Minister traveling the Underground metro and asking for the public’s opinion got him right on track when he delivered a thunderous speech in The Parliament.
Hats off to the makeup team who brilliantly made us believe as Winston Churchill was among us living and breathing on his own. There is a close up shot on the face of Churchill which could have given way to some error but that’s not to be.
Gary Oldman has had a long wait to win an Oscar. This time he truly deserves it. He has already won the BAFTA, The Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Award for the Best Actor, an Oscar in his cabinet is truly well deserved.

“Success is not final, Failure is not Fatal.

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill


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