Do the WWE need 4 hours for PPV?

Recently, word got out that the WWE intends to make all the PPV’s after Wrestlemania 34, a dual-branded PPV starting from WWE Backlash in May 2018. They are citing ticket sales issue to cover up the fact that their creative team is incapable of writing intriguing storylines and captivating characters to enable us to sit through a random episode on Mondays and Tuesdays. Let’s take Bray Wyatt for example. The guy is surely charismatic and given the right opponent, he’ll steal the show on any given night. But what has he done since revamping his character? He, like Ziggler, is a glorified jobber. I don’t really use the term, jobber, loosely, but on this occasion, it is true.


They do have a stacked roster, that is for sure. But the concept that, everyone should get air-time is ridiculous. Only your top 10 or top 12 guys should make the PPV cut. Wrestlemania is around the corner and surely they will have like 50 matches this year making it a 24-hour long show. They do need to realize that it is their creative team that fails to come with something new and fresh every week. How many times have we seen Seth Rollins & Partner take on Cesaro & Sheamus since Summerslam 2017? Every week since Summerslam we’ve seen Rollins and a partner of his choice take on The Bar. So, how do they expect us to be involved in something like that?



Now let’s look at the tag division. RAW practically doesn’t have one. They have ‘The Bar’, ‘Gallows and Anderson’, ‘The Revival’ and…….. yeah, ‘Slater and Rhyno’ and sometimes ‘Titus Worldwide’. 5 teams, at most and they call it a division. Still, they have The Revival of all people being booked in 50-50 situations. They were the best tag team on the WWE in 2016. Their matches with #DIY were the best matches all year long.  They have treated Gallows and Anderson like crap and have done nothing with Slater and Rhyno upon drafting them to RAW and Titus Worldwide is just there to fill time. That’s RAW, but the SmackDown’s tag division is in way better shape. The Usos doing the best work of their career, Benjamin and Gable, The New Day, The Bludgeon Brothers, Breezango, The Ascension and probably Rusev Day. SmackDown has probably given has a better chance to care about their tag division than RAW.


The same problem lies with the Women’s division. They have 9 women on RAW and 10 on SmackDown. It is still a division, but it lacks any common sense. One week Mickie James is jobbing to Alexa Bliss and the next week, she’s fighting her for the title. There’s no continuity storyline-wise. Six-women tag matches, random feuds, that’s what they feel like giving us every week. I hope they realize that it’s all about how you present the product to the viewers. If you’re giving boring, generic and repetitive matches on a weekly-basis how do you expect your product to sell a 15,000 seat arena on a B- PPV. They’ve got to think this through, otherwise, this brand split was a waste of time and energy.


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