TV Series Review : Altered Carbon

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Set in almost 300 years in future, our protagonist gets released from prison in a very unique sense as his mind ( or stack) was freezed for more than 250 years. The new sleeve he undertook after his prison sentence got reduced by a meth in need (to find his own killer), came out all gooey and slimy. A hot shower later, Takeshi Kovacs found himself in a chiselled body of Ryker (Joel Kinnaman) and being escorted to the clouds where the meths live in a high ground(literally) above all. Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy), the richest meth in this multiplanetary universe tasks Kovacs with finding out the guy who killed him.

Sounds confusing, well it is but the showrunners did a wonderful job in churning out the story quite well. Going back and forth the storyline of our hero and explaining every back story there can be possible about our characters. From falling in love in the past to continuing it in the future and from some great action scenes to an expanse of not so relevant nude scenes, this series has it all for someone who is trying to get an adrenaline shot out of watching a man who is hell bent on doing what he thinks is right in the most spectacular fashion.



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