A new Era? Or It’s a big win….

WWE impressed all of us with its recent directions and movement. As of today we have 4 brand new Champions


WWE Universal Champion: Kevin Owens

WWE World Champion: AJ Styles

WWE NXT Champion: Shinzuke Nakamura

WWE Cruiserweight Champion: TJ Perkins


Now, if one year ago anybody would tell me this is going to be the future, I would laugh my ass off and secretly prayer for it to be true.

But it happened, but how? It was not an overnight process.


A Company which always preferred the big guys now run by independent sensations and not failed body builders.


So many factors came to play, Edge retiring, Orton getting injured multiple times and the ever increasing hatred for John Cena. Everybody had a bad wrestle mania experience in Mania27 but the very next year the most electrifying man changed the course and How can I forget the game changer? The Second City Saint Himself CM Punk. That infamous Las Vegas shoot. The 434 still a memorable number in the mind of many, He carried the WWE for a long time but still it was not enough to the inevitability of acceptance yes it’s a wrestling show.


The Storm:

It starts with an injury to the face that runs the place, Simultaneously the next hottest thing of Summer Daniel Bryan was there to seize the opportunity. But it was a onetime thing, even the WWE never know what he was about to do.

A Yes Chant! A goat face! A B Plus player forced the Universe to hate the returning animal, it changed the main event of grandest stage of all but why?
Because he was a wrestler!!
A fantastic wrestler, who travelled the world and made his name as probably the greatest wrester of the decade.
But why an average WWE fan care? They were happy with their regular Cena, Orton…
Not anymore when you taste frozen yogurt a vanilla is nothing to you.
Daniel Bryan, sorry Bryan Danielson showed how beautiful storytelling can be.

A 5’8” standing tall with 70000 screaming yes! if that didn’t give you a wrestling orgasm nothing will.


He not only started his own way, he created a path. He might have retired but he started a revolution.


The Game:

NXT at full sail, yeah another show who cares, yeah some cared when Shield pops out at Survivor Series. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose was in the right track to the greatness. But their partner Roman Reigns somehow slowed down the movement.


He was green, poor on mike but was WWE’s last hope to keep big guy is top guy concept alive. But people are ready now, they know a new era is coming and they knew if this guy gets to the top the new era might not even come.


John Cena open challenge

Showcased talented wrestlers and gave them an opportunity and made the change a look of reality.


Now everyone know what NXT is, with the TakeOver specials, fans knew what is coming.

And It came

Kenta, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, KO and Neville.

But it not only collected great talents from the indy scene, they didn’t forget 2nd biggest promotion TNA.

Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Eric Young

And all of them former World Champions.

The Draft:

Fate intervenes, Roman got suspended for drug abuse and Dean Finally receives his moment became the WWE World Champion.

Who would have though Finn will wrestle his first PPV in WWE to become Universal Champion. His injury made Kevin the next champion and Dean dropped his title to the phenomenal AJ STYLES…Who could have thought former face of TNA will defeat John Cena?

2 month long WWE Cruiserweight classic gave us a world cup feel, gave us a Japanese wrestling feel, we got to see Kota Ibusi, Zack Sabre, Bryan Kendrick, Gran Metalick and the Champ himself another TNA and Indy famed talent TJ Perkins.
We all know these, but why I’m a writing?
It’s a mistake by WWE in the PG Era. They did not make enough top superstars like they did in the Attitude Era, so an entire vacancy got filled with extremely talented individuals.

Cannot hope for a better product.


Thank You Triple H

Thank You William Regal

Thank You Daniel Bryan


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    M Excited To See Daniel Bryan in Ring…

    WWE Draft 2018

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      Yes! Yes! Yes!

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